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You're looking at three (3) generations of music.  My mother listen to 8-tracks while I did my homework and my family.  they inspire me to pursue my dreams and their support keeps me going. 

My Mission / Vision

In my 32 years in this industry, I've noticed a major change in the way clients choose their entertainment, via the internet.. And that is that a lot of Dj companies have strayed away from the face to face "customer service" and completely went to conducting business via the web, but they fail to follow up on their promises. To me the dj is the most important piece to a client's celebration. But some of them don't get personally acquainted with the client until close to the event date. I truly "believe" a client and dj should meet face to face for the initial consultation, either a formal or informal meeting, just to go over the details and layout of the event planning phase. As for me, I take things like that to heart. That does not show professionalism by having clients initiate the contract online, without consulting their wishes with the dj first. And the kicker is, dj companies will then close out the contract once the online payment is made and the client is unable to amend any details of their contract up to days before their event date. NOW...does that sound like customer service to ANYONE???????

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